The Best Platforms for Small Business To Launch

Online store to set up is the best decision which entrepreneurs can take when they launch their start-ups. However, as it’s simple to start an e-store, it’s not so easy to choose the best platform for e-commerce.

Easy-to-setup and easy-to-add are the features insufficient for smooth store workflow. Mobile user-friendly, social media integration, perfect user experience, SEO, content-marketing and sustainable customer support are what even small businesses need.  So, which CMS is the most valuable investment in a successful future of your store?

As you know, there are two ways to follow when starting e-store. You can decide on the self-hosted platform, or you can choose hosted CMS. So, we have prepared the review of the most suitable platforms for small business divided into two categories: self-hosted and hosted CMS’s.

If you prefer keeping track of your store personally, self-hosted platforms are the best commercial solution. As a rule, they are well-documented and flexible. Particularly, it means that in attempts to provide your store profitability you can do what you want. And if one day you come up with a better hosting option, you can easily switch to it.

Hosted platforms work on someone else's platform that restricts the degree of your control over your store operation. By the way, if you simply have no time for your store management, this solution is just for you. Hosting providers timely install updates and security patches without stopping store workflow. As a result, you can concentrate on other aspects of your store life.

Now let’s see which CMS for self-hosted and hosted platform will definitely help you to earn money when you just at a start.

Magento CMS

Magento is a self-hosted platform for e-commerce. Magento operates with the major global retailers, brands, and manufacturers like Canon, Oliver Sweeney, Burger King, and etc. By the way, it’s believed that they created Magento for small business primarily. See the reasons confirming this idea:

  • It’s always difficult to make the first step, but Magento can help you offering Community Edition with a detailed guideline on management and a growing community of volunteering Magento professionals for free.
  • While your business is growing, the requirements of your customers become more advanced. With Magento you can be sure, you will meet all these requirements timely and in full measure. It has a flexible architecture that means you will always have a space for improvements.
  • The better SEO metrics your web-store has, the better sales rates you have. Magento has an inbuilt set of SEO-tools. Automatic settings build XLS website map, which is required by the search robots.

Shopify Hosted Solution

Shopify is the most popular hosted platform for online business. Look at the Shopify-based stores! They are well-designed, mobile responsive, well-optimized for search engines. By the way, a good design is what you note firstly. Why?

  • All because Shopify is completely hosted platform and as a store owner you can concentrate on searching the best design solution for your website instead installation issues to arrange. It makes this platform so much attractive for e-commerce start-uppers.
  • Reliable and quick to help technical support service are what pioneering store owners high appreciate and strongly want to have at hand when they start their online business. The Shopify support team is available around the clock and always ready to assist.
  • Finally, Shopify is famous for its simplicity. You discover it while adding and updating your products, or customizing the platform without any coding skills. It’s convenient especially when you are so far from the world of coding.


By the way, there are three points which you should understand when you start your own business.

  1. Don’t be afraid to start. You are on the way to success if you’ve decided to initiate business on the Internet. But to reach success you need to be different from 12-24 million e-commerce stores placed around the world.
  2. There is no perfect solution for your business. But it’s better to decide on those you can customize and thus have more clients.
  3. When trying to be different, don’t forget to rely on the improved choices like Magento or Shopify. They are the most reasonable options in the relevant classes (self-hosted/hosted CMS’s) if you think about becoming a part of e-commerce world.