How to Optimize Your Magento Website for Adsense

seo servicesAdsense and Yahoo Publisher Network can generate good revenue for your site. Building a quality site is important to generate revenue. Building a site takes a lot of time and hard work. However, by spending a little time perfecting your Adsense or YPN techniques, you can easily increase your earnings. By using these tips, with time and trial and error, you should be able to grow your Adsense earnings.

Offer Quality Content and Extensions

The best way to get relevant ads is by writing quality content for users to read. If you have little content on your site, you will likely get unrelated ads and therefore less clicks. Writing some unique articles is a good way to increase traffic as well as Adsense earnings. Users reading articles on a website are also more likely to click your ads.

Use extensions for your CMS to make your website user friendly and SEO optimized. There is a lot of Magento extensions you can use to make your website more friendly for users and search engines.

Optimize your Content for Keywords

Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network place ads based on the content on your page. The ad networks search your Title, URL, keywords, meta tags, etc... The best way to make sure you get relevant ads is by changing those things to relate them to your articles or website. Many practices used for Search Engine Optimization, can be applied for optimizing your page for relevant ads. I suggest trying to target a certain keyword or a few keywords. Make sure the keyword is in the page title, meta tags and URL. Also, try to use tags on the keywords.

Choose the Best Ad Placement and Format

One of the most important parts of Adsense optimization is where you place the ads. Also, the ad format is important. Try not to overcrowd your page with ads. Limit your pages to two ads per page, three at the very most. Users will be unlikely to return to your site if it is filled with ads. Also, fewer ads look more professional. Try to use smaller ad formats, my favorites are the 468*60 Banner and 120*600 skyscraper. Place your ads where they will be seen the most and keep them close to your website’s content. If you have written an article, the best place to put your ads is usually after the article, as the user is done reading and may be interested in going to a related site.

Try to Blend your Ads with your Website

Blending your ads with your website is a great way to increase your click through ratio, as well as make your site look better and more professional. The easiest way to make your ads look more similar to your site is by using the colors in your website in your ads. Both Yahoo Publisher Network and Adsense allow you to change the colors of your ads. You can also blend your ads by placing them in areas where they look like they are part of the site.