Magento 2 AJAX Cart Pro: Do Less And Take More

brand promotionMagento 2 AJAX Cart Pro by Aheadworks allows restricting of the page reloads while customers are adding products to the cart from the category pages. To facilitate this process the pop-up is implemented where customers may define necessary product options. And the most pleasant moment for merchants is that this pop-up can be transformed due to commercial requirements. It means some needed content can be added to this pop-up like a required promotional banner as an example.

AJAX Cart Pro for Magento 2 is another good attempt to make the process of shopping comfortable and time-saving. Let’s look at it in details.

AJAX Cart Pro for Magento 2 and Magento Layered Navigation makes the native Magento 2 AJAX shopping cart better. This extension eliminates the step when customers visit product pages to put chosen items to shopping carts. Using AJAX-managed shopping cart pop-ups produced by this extension it’s possible to add products to cart immediately staying at the same place from category pages.

The pop-ups contain some topical and functional areas and may include product name and image, attribute options area, product short description. So they are more than informative and highly-integrated.

In general, this extension like many others by Aheadworks is created to make an online business successful. Look at these features:

  • the merchants have no doubts that each advertised point will be brought;
  • the plugin is easy-integrated with any tailor-made theme;
  • it works smoothly with any other Magento based store component;
  • it works with pop-ups making them effective and at the same amusing thanks to its interactive elements;
  • the extension has a simple backend process;
  • it allows individualizing products introducing special dialog boxes for the products.

Let’s summarize. While using Magento 2 AJAX Cart Pro you will never need to waste your time on page reloads. And consequently, the catalog is explored in a prompt way. So customers spend less time and find out more. And this fact keeps customers in store for much longer time and makes them shop more. Actually, this extension works in this way.